French Lawmakers are trying to make it illegal for big supermarkets to throw away food

French Lawmakers are trying to make it illegal for big supermarkets to throw away food

63 MP’s from across party lines have joined together to propose a bill to fight against food waste in France.  Describing consumption as the scourge of our society, “fléau de notre société de consommation,” the elected officials proposed to stop allowing each French supermarket to throw out an average of 200 tonnes of food every year.  The bill, would force supermarkets over 1000m² to donate unused food to redistribution charities such as food banks.  The measure if passed will be an important step against curbing the more than 90 million tonnes of food wasted every year across the EU.

Read The Telegraph Article Here: http://goo.gl/7NVWyd

First Disco Veggie in Japan

Feeding the 5k is super excited to have collaborated with Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo on a #DiscoVeggie to combat #Foodwaste.   More than 130 kilograms of food that otherwise would have been wasted were rescued, prepared and shared among about 300 participants at Koenji Station on July 21, 2014.   Over 40 volunteers and members of the public came together to wash, peel, chop and cook fresh but unwanted fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been discarded: blemished broccoli, supersized zucchini, excess onions, peppers, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms and other top quality produce coming from local farmers. The meal was prepared and distributed for free at the sound of music provided by DJs, encouraging a dance celebration while the community worked to organize tasting activities and with excess ‘groceries’ given away to participants.

(photographs by Minli Wu)

First Disco Veggie in Japan 1
First Disco Veggie in Japan 2
First Disco Veggie in Japan 3

Tristram Stuart announced as National Geographic Emerging Explorer

English author and historian Tristram Stuart poses on July 10, 2012 in Paris. Stuart will release on French chanel Canal + a documentary film entitled "Global gachis" (global waste) on food waste.


The National Geographic Society has selected its 2014 class of Emerging Explorers. Feeding the 5000’s founder Tristram Stuart has been chosen among a group of 14 visionary, young trailblazers from around the globe whose innovative ideas and accomplishments are making a significant difference in the world.  

Tristram’s worldwide work documenting and exposing food waste shows how solving the food waste scandal is one of the simplest ways to reduce pressure on the environment.

We Are BBC Food and Farming Award Winners!

We Are BBC Food and Farming Award Winners 1

Our three campaigns: Feeding the 5000, The Pig Idea and Gleaning Network UK are honoured to have been selected as winners of the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Award for Best Initiative in British Food. You can listen to the entire awards show here. Feeding the 5000 is on at 37 minutes.

We would like to extend a tremendous thank you to our thousands of volunteers whom without it would not have been possible. 

Our three campaigns are truly humbled as other nominees included the fantastic Community Shop, a social supermarket offering surplus food, advice and training to people on benefits at very low cost. Community Shop uniquely combines environmental, social and business objectives to tackle food waste, food poverty and getting people out of the poverty trap. 

Sainsbury was also nominated for their important leadership and work in sustainable fish sourcing. 

We Are BBC Food and Farming Award Winners 2

Since their beginnings, Feeding the 5000, The Pig Idea and Gleaning Network UK have been working hard to tackle the global food waste scandal. As founder, Tristram Stuart pointed out during the awards ceremony last week, “Feeding the 5000 is being adopted as a way of launching national food waste campaigns in lots of different countries.  It has become a global movement and given everyone the realization that we have the power to change the food system.” 

We Are BBC Food and Farming Award Winners 3

Thanks again to all those who have supported us. We look forward to continuing our work toward putting a stop to global food waste. 

The Food Waste Revolution Hits Dusseldorf

The Food Waste Revolution Hits Dusseldorf

We are please to announce we will be collaborating tonight with local food waste activists at Slow Food Youth Network Dusseldorf, Foodsharing and Taste of Heimat on the Schnippeldisko at 6:00 PM. There will be chopping, as well as sharing and eating the delicious food that would otherwise have gone to waste, all to the BEET of party music. To find out more visit the Facebook link here

The Food Waste Revolution Hits Dusseldorf 1

Feeding the 5000 is also delighted to be a part of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s two-day SAVE FOOD Congress, which kicked off on 7 May in Dusseldorf.  Together with stakeholders from across the sector, including our partners at Wilshire Grand LA, the congress is showcasing solutions to combat global food waste. 

In the photo above, Tristram Stuart discusses food waste on farms, feeding pigs and solutions that go beyond packaging. For lunch, we  served up a delicious meal for all participants and visitors of the congress made from fresh, top-quality  food that would otherwise have gone to waste. The lunch was even broadcast on German television. Watch Managing Director Niki Charalampopoulou on ARD1 here

The Congress is proving a great opportunity to showcase the delicious solutions to food waste to a wide range of high profile delegates and decision makers. Find out more here.

Eat-In! Bristol

Eat-In! Bristol

Together with the Sustainable Food Trust and Bellingham Cosmos Bistro, we will be taking a stab out of food waste at Eat-In! Bristol on Monday 5th May from 12pm-4pm. The Eat-in, a spontaneous public pot-luck dinner, will celebrate the values of good, clean and fair food for all. The meal will feature fresh produce that would have otherwise gone to waste from The Gleaning Network UK. Every year, the Gleaning Network UK saves tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables that are wasted on UK farms, mainly because they do not match strict cosmetic standards set by food retailers.

The event will gather farmers, food producers, chefs, press and a hungry public to share a meal together, listen to world-class guest-speakers, and share ideas, thoughts, projects and plans that will among other things, contribute to putting a stop to global food waste. If you are interested in joining please bring a contribution such as a dish, jar of jam, veg from your plot or anything else that you feel tells a story of your relationship to food.

More information about the event can be found here.

To confirm your reservation please go to the Eventbrite here

If you can bring produce, cook, speak, sing or volunteer on the day, please contact [email protected] or call her on 07828700241. 

Race Against Waste

Giving food waste a run for its money!
Edd Colbert, the former campaign coordinator for The Pig Idea and Always with Butter Blog, has recently launched a new campaign to highlight the nutritional value of food that is thrown away across the world. To do so he is training for the Leeds Half Marathon and will be fuelling himself completely on food that would have otherwise been wasted. 
Whether he’s out bin-diving or setting up relationships with local grocers to collect their surplus food in Leeds, he’ll be documenting his movements on Facebook and Twitter with photo and video updates.
The race doesn’t stop there though! Edd is looking for more runners to get involved to help fight food waste and fundraise for various food waste initiatives around the country. If you fancy living off food waste and getting fit at the same time then drop him an email at [email protected].
Edd is also fundraising for The Real Junk Food Project in Leeds and you can sponsor him via the Project’s Indiegogo campaign here. Simply donate and leave a comment saying “I’m giving food waste a run for its money!”

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels!

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels!

On 1.4.14 Feeding the 5000 held a hugely successful event in Brussels at the Marché Aux Herbes near the Grand Place. Together with our partners we served up over 6,000 delicious lunches all made from ingredients that otherwise would have gone to waste to highlight the positive solutions to the global food waste scandal.  

 Here’s a look at the day in photos by Julie Feyaerts. 

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels! 1

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels! 2

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels! 3

You can view more photos on our Facebook page. 

Following the event on 2.4.14, Feeding the 5000 attended the European Parliament’s Sustainable Food Conference to discuss the Commission’s imminent food policy and what needs to be done to tackle the global food waste scandal. 

A heartfelt thank you for a great event to all our partners at: 11.11.11, The Belgian Federation of Food Banks, The Center for Research and Information for the Consumer Organisations (CRIOC), Disco Soupe, EU FUSIONS, Eurotoques, Green up Film Festival, Komosie,Velt,  Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network, and Social Groceries Flanders.

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