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The Pig Idea - Let them eat waste
4 days ago

Eat-In! Bristol

Together with the Sustainable Food Trust and Slow Food International, we will be taking a stab out of food waste at Eat-In! Bristol on Monday 5th May from 12pm-4pm. The Eat-in, a spontaneous public pot-luck dinner, will celebrate the values of good, clean and fair food for all. The meal will feature fresh produce that would have otherwise gone to waste from The Gleaning Network UK. Every year, the Gleaning Network UK saves thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on UK farms every year, mainly because they do not match strict cosmetic standards set by food retailers.

The event will gather farmers, food producers, chefs, press and a hungry public to share a meal together, listen to world-class guest-speakers, and share ideas, thoughts, projects and plans that will among other things, contribute to putting a stop to global food waste. If you are interested in joining please bring a contribution such as a dish, jar of jam, veg from your plot or anything else that you feel tells a story of your relationship to food.

More information about the event can be found here.

To confirm your reservation please go to the Eventbrite here. 

If you can bring produce, cook, speak, sing or volunteer on the day, please contact or call her on 07828700241. 

9 April

Race Against Waste

Giving food waste a run for its money!

Edd Colbert, the former campaign coordinator for The Pig Idea, has recently launched a new campaign to highlight the nutritional value of food that is thrown away across the world. To do so he is training for the Leeds Half Marathon and will be fuelling himself completely on food that would have otherwise been wasted. 
Whether he’s out bin-diving or setting up relationships with local grocers to collect their surplus food in Leeds, he’ll be documenting his movements on Facebook¬†and Twitter with photo and video updates.
The race doesn’t stop there though! Edd is looking for more runners to get involved to help fight food waste and fundraise for various food waste initiatives around the country. If you fancy living off food waste and getting fit at the same time then drop him an email at¬†
Edd is also fundraising for The Real Junk Food Project in Leeds and you can sponsor him via the Project’s Indiegogo campaign here. Simply donate and leave a comment saying “I’m giving food waste a run for its money!”
2 April

Feeding the 5000 in Brussels!


On 1.4.14 Feeding the 5000 held a hugely successful event in Brussels at the Marché Aux Herbes near the Grand Place. Together with our partners we served up over 6,000 delicious lunches all made from ingredients that otherwise would have gone to waste to highlight the positive solutions to the global food waste scandal.  

¬†Here’s a look at the day in photos by¬†Julie Feyaerts.¬†




You can view more photos on our Facebook page. 

Following the event on 2.4.14, Feeding the 5000 attended the¬†European Parliament‚Äôs Sustainable Food Conference to discuss the Commission’s imminent food policy and what needs to be done to tackle the global food waste scandal.¬†

A heartfelt thank you for a great event to all our partners at: 11.11.11, The Belgian Federation of Food Banks, The Center for Research and Information for the Consumer Organisations (CRIOC), Disco Soupe, EU FUSIONS, Eurotoques, Green up Film Festival, Komosie,Velt,  Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network, and Social Groceries Flanders.

27 March

Feeding the 5000 Brussels

Less than a week to go! Help stop global food waste. Enjoy a free lunch made from ingredients that otherwise would have gone to waste on 1.4.14 in Brussels. Spread the word. 

26 March

Watch Global Waste and Vote in the Green Up Film Festival

Less than a week until Feeding the 5000 Brussels. We’ll be serving up a delicious lunch from ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, including veg from the global South.‚Ä®‚Ä®Keen to learn more about the global food waste scandal before our big event?

The Green Up Film Festival is hosting the trailer to our documentary Global Waste. The film looks at fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, fish, grains and ready-made meals, travelling from Europe to Costa Rica, with stops in Pakistan, the United States and Japan. Viewers are introduced to key players throughout the food system including: producers, industrialists, distributors and consumers. We see distressing examples of waste, but also inspiring innovations and solutions for making the most of the food we produce.

Watch it here and vote for it afterwards. If our film gets enough votes it will be screened as part of their next film festival in April.

And don’t forget to spread the word about Feeding the 5000 Brussels on 1.4.14.¬†

20 March

Feeding the 5000 is Coming to Brussels!


Click here for French poster

Click here for Flemish poster

We are delighted to announce that Feeding the 5000 is coming to Brussels where we will be serving up a delicious lunch made entirely from fresh food that would otherwise go to waste to over 5000 people in order to highlight the global food waste scandal and the available solutions.

Feeding the 5000 Brussels is bringing together an alliance of organisations at all levels to raise awareness of the scale of food waste in Belgium, the EU and globally and promote the solutions which exist.  On the 1st of April 2014 we will provide a delicious free feast for thousands of members of the public, sourced entirely from fresh, top-quality produce that would otherwise go to waste, including misshapen potatoes, wonky carrots and oversized aubergines. It will be a spectacular public celebration of the positive, win-win solutions to food waste. 

Feeding the 5000 Brussels and its surrounding campaign are being organised  partnership with Feeding the 5000 and a range of organisations working to tackle food waste in Belgium and internationally. These include EU FUSIONS, the Federation of Belgian Food Banks, Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network Brussels, Disco Soupe Brussels, 11.11.11., CRIOC, Velt, KOMOSIE and Social Groceries Flanders, as well as the Flemish Minister for Poverty Reduction.

The event is being supported by WWF, Food Sharing and Food for Life Global.

Feeding the 5000 Brussels needs volunteers! If you want to help chop the vegetables, spread the word or help out in any other way, please fill in the form:


Click for Google map of location

Facebook: Feeding5000

Twitter: @feeding5k


Fill Bellies not Bins! 


Feeding the 5000 zal voor meer dan 5000 mensen een overheerlijke lunch serveren, volledig samengesteld uit vers voedsel dat anders verloren zou gaan, om het wereldwijde schandaal van de voedselverspilling en de voorhanden zijnde oplossingen in de schijnwerper te zetten.

Feeding the 5000 Brussel is een verbond van organisaties op alle niveaus die samenwerken om het bewustzijn van de hoeveelheid voedselverspilling in Belgi√ę, de EU en op wereldschaal te verbeteren en de bestaande oplossingen te promoten. Op 1 april 2014 zullen wij¬†duizenden burgers een lekker feestmaal aanbieden, volledig gebaseerd op verse producten van topkwaliteit die anders weggegooid zouden worden,¬†inclusief raar gevormde aardappelen, wortelen met vreemde kronkels en reusachtige aubergines. Het wordt een spectaculair volksfeest dat zal uitgaan van positieve win/win-oplossingen tegen de voedselverspilling. Feeding the 5000 heeft al evenementen georganiseerd in andere steden zoals Londen, Parijs en Amsterdam, en daarmee op nationaal niveau acties tegen het voedsel¬≠verspillingsschandaal op gang gebracht.

Feeding the 5000 Brussel en de hele campagne errond worden georganiseerd door een partnerschap van Feeding the 5000¬†en een hele resem organisaties die de voedselverspilling in Belgi√ę en op internationaal vlak effectief willen aanpakken. Onder de partners vinden we o.a.¬†de Federatie van Belgische Voedselbanken, Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network Brussels, Disco Soupe Brussels, Velt, KOMOSIE, het OIVO,¬†11.11.11. en Sociale Kruidenier Leuven.

Het evenement wordt ondersteund door het Vlaams Minister vanArmoedebestrijding.

Strijd mee tegen de voedselverspilling!


Feeding the 5000 servira un délicieux lunch pour plus de 5000 personnes, composé d’aliments frais qui autrement auraient été perdus. Une manière de dénoncer le scandale mondial du gaspillage alimentaire et de prouver que  que des solutions existent.

Feeding the 5000 Bruxelles est une alliance d’organisations à tous les niveaux qui collaborent pour améliorer la conscience de l’envergure du gaspillage alimentaire en Belgique, dans l’UE et dans le monde, et pour promouvoir les solutions qui existent. Le 1er avril 2014, nous offrirons à des milliers de personnes un repas festif et gourmand, entièrement basé sur des produits frais de qualité qui autrement seraient jetés : des pommes de terre déformées, des carottes tordues et de toutes les tailles, des aubergines gigantesques. Ce sera un spectacle populaire, partant d’un esprit positif et de solutions gagnant/gagnant pour le gaspillage alimentaire. Feeding the 5000 a déjà organisé des événements dans d’autres villes, à savoir Londres, Paris et Amsterdam, pour y lancer au niveau national des actions contre le scandale du gaspillage alimentaire.

Feeding the 5000 Bruxelles et sa campagne sont organisées par un partenariat entre Feeding the 5000 et toute une série d’organisations qui s’efforcent d’agir  au quotidien contre le gaspillage alimentaire en Belgique et dans le monde. Parmi les partenaires, on retrouve notamment la Fédération des Banques alimentaires de Belgique, Oxfam, Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network Brussels, Disco Soupe Bruxelles, Velt, KOMOSIE, le CRIOC, 11.11.11., et Social Groceries Flanders.

L’événement est soutenu par le Ministre flamand de la Lutte contre la Pauvreté

Venez rejoindre la lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire!

20 March

Brussels Gleaning

Leeks, leeks everywhere, but these were all to big (according to strict retail cosmetic standards that is)! 

In the lead up to Feeding the 5000 Brussels on 1 April, our amazing volunteers gleaned nearly 200kg of organic leeks from a farm near Brussels. In just a few hours, they rescued and delivered these fine leeks to the Brussels Food Bank, to then be distributed to people in need. Without these terrific gleaners, the tasty leeks would have been ploughed straight back in the ground because they were too big for retail specifications. 

In the UK alone the Gleaning Network has saved over 48000 kg of food from being wasted. Feeding the 5000 events are catalysing gleaning activities not only in Belgium, but also around Europe in France, Spain, the Netherlands and more!¬†

You can see more photos from the day by Kristina Marijanovic on our Facebook page.

13 March

Forks Out as Cork Gets Ready to Feed the City

On Saturday, 15 March, our friends behind Feeding the 5000 Dublin, will be in Cork serving up 5,000 delicious free lunches made from ingredients that would of otherwise gone to waste. image

3 March

Feeding the 5000 are BBC Food & Farming Awards finalists!

We are delighted to announce that Feeding the 5000 is one of 3 finalists, drawn from over 6000 nominations for the BBC Food & Farming Awards, Best British Food Initiative; our friends at Company Shop are one of the others. 

The award is for ”a¬†specific idea or initiative that‚Äôs making a positive difference to how and what Britain eats, and is showing the industry the way forward.”

All three of our campaigns were nominated: 

”All three campaigns ‚Äď Feeding the 5000, Gleaning Network and The Pig Idea are about big ideas and big action to change the supply chain in favour of low-waste food production and consumption.”

We’re thrilled to be finalists and want to thank all our partners, volunteers and supporters for making our work possible and helping to spread the revolution against food waste!¬†

29 January

Big retailers announce they will report in store food waste data

A few months ago, we challenged Tesco to publicly declare the amount of food that they waste, something that supermarkets in the UK and around the world had been for years refusing to do.¬†Tesco responded to our challenge¬†and for the first time¬†published their food waste data audited by a third party, including some figures from their supply chain.¬†We believed that if Tesco took this step, it wouldn’t be long before their competitors followed suit. Today, other supermarkets including Sainsbury‚Äôs, Waitrose, Asda, Coop and Marks & Spencer¬†have announced they will do the same by regularly reporting how much food they waste in their stores from 2015.

All this is undoubtedly a great step forward and a clear sign that public pressure is working. However, it is obviously not enough: food wasted in supermarket stores is only a small part of the picture. Owing to their market power, retailers are responsible for food wasted not only in their own shops but also in the farms, packhouses and factories that supply them with the food they sell.

Being transparent about how much food is wasted across the food industry is the first step in acknowledging the problem and finding out the amazing opportunities that lie in reducing food waste. We want food businesses to commit to taking urgent and tangible action against food waste, not only in their own operations but across their supply chains.

Fill Bellies, Not Bins!

Earlier today it was reported that three people are being charged with ‘stealing’ food from a supermarket bin in North London.¬† It‚Äôs not the first time a case like this has appeared in the media both in the UK and elsewhere. Many might remember the story of Sacha Hall who was charged with theft in 2011 for taking food from a Tesco bin. Perhaps a more famous case internationally is that of Steven De Geynst, also known as the ‚ÄėMuffin Man‚Äô, who in March 2010 was arrested and convicted to 6 months of imprisonment (a decision later reversed in the court of appeal), after having taken two bags of muffins from a bin outside a supermarket in Belgium.

In most Western societies, taking food from a bin destined for landfill can be prosecuted as a crime. The hypocrisy that this reveals is that good food is wasted daily in unimaginable quantities while the world’s valuable natural resources are becoming scarcer and billions of people are hungry both at home and in poorer countries. Skipping is not the solution to food waste nor to food poverty. But fresh, edible food should not be found in bins in the first place. Producing and buying more food than we need should be avoided. And when surplus does occur, it should be redistributed in a safe and hygienic manner to those who need it.

The UK Crown Prosecution Service insists that the case of the three men must go ahead, because “there is significant public interest in prosecuting them”. But when food businesses waste food, they take away from the planet’s valuable and rapidly diminishing natural reserves and locking them up in skips. One could argue that the unfairness of this action causes much more harm to the public interest than taking food that would have been wasted out of a bin to feed yourself.¬†

In the seventeenth century, the philosopher John Locke argued that if someone took more food than they needed and let it go to waste, ‚Äúhe took more than his share, and robbed others.‚ÄĚ If, on the other hand, he consumed, traded, or even gave away his surplus food ‚Äúhe did no injury; he wasted not the common stock; destroyed no part of the portion of goods that belonged to others, so long as nothing perished uselessly in his hands.‚ÄĚ

Today’s story is a small example of what affluent societies do on a global scale. A third of the world’s food is being wasted. We take up the land, water and other common resources of the planet to grow more and more food that no one eats. This is exactly what John Locke warned against a few hundred years ago. According to him, this annuls our right to possess both the land and the food grown on it.

Today’s food waste news stories are a great opportunity for the public to tell UK retailers that we want the practice of wasting food to stop. Fill Bellies Not Bins! 

19 December

Feeding the 4200 in Marseille!

A triumphant Feeding the 5000 event took place in Marseille last month, filling 4,200 hungry French bellies instead of bins. Here’s a little look at what went on…

‚ÄėTreize evenements‚Äô organized the ‚ÄėBanquet des 5000 Marseille‚Äô, which took place on the 23rd of November on the beautiful Vieux Port in the city‚Äôs centre. The event acted as a catalyst for the bloom of the anti-food waste movement within the city.

Feeding the 5000 was joined by ‘La Tente des Glaneurs’ and ‘De Mon Assiete a Notre Planete’. La Tente des Glaneurs or ‘The Gleaners‚Äô Tent‚Äô is a group that gleans fresh produce that would otherwise be wasted from markets at the end of the day and provides it to those in need at the very marketplace where it was collected. The event acted as the launch for the organization‚Äôs new regional Marseille hub.


‚ÄėDe Mon Assiete a Notre Plan√®te‚Äô is an organization that aims to raise awareness about food waste and nutritional problems in elementary and high schools by educating children about the existing issues and showcasing practical reduction techniques.


Disco Soupe Marseille, one of France‚Äôs numerous Disco Soupe groups was there, with dancing and live music group ‚ÄúLes Batucada‚ÄĚ in full swing. Dozens of volunteers helped peel, chop and mix fruit into a delicious salad made from otherwise wasted ingredients donated by local supermarkets.


The Feeding the 5000 team, along with local volunteers cooked up a meal made from food provided by regional distribution centers, which would otherwise have been binned. The vegetables would have been thrown away because they were too big, too small or generally too ‚Äúunusual‚ÄĚ, while the rice was past its expiration date (but still perfectly safe to eat) and therefore unsellable.


The result was a delicious spicy vegetable curry, complemented by poppadums, which stunned the Marseille public, as they aren’t a very common occurrence in France.


Poverty and food insecurity are extremely prevalent in Marseille, making the case for food waste reduction and proper redistribution all the more important in this French city. The necessary ingredients of motivated individuals with a willingness to act are definitely present in this beautiful city, so last month’s Banquet des 5000 was surely only the beginning of their fight against food waste.


A massive thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that helped pull off the event, as well as all participating organizations!


Un triomphant Banquet des 5,000 triomphant a eu lieu √† Marseille le mois dernier, avec le remplissage de 4,200 ventres affam√©s au lieu de poubelles. Voici un petit coup d’oeil √† ce qui s’est pass√© …

Treize Evenements a organis√© le Banquet des 5000 Marseille, qui a eu lieu le 23 Novembre sur le magnifique Vieux Port en centre ville. L’√©v√©nement a catalys√© la fleur du mouvement anti-d√©chets alimentaires dans la ville .

Feeding the 5000 a √©t√© rejoint par les groupes indig√®nes, ‚ÄėLa Tente des Glaneurs‚Äô et ‚ÄėDe Mon Assi√®te a notre Plan√®te‚Äô . La Tente des Glaneurs est un groupe qui glane des produits frais qui serait autrement gaspill√©e sur les march√©s √† la fin de la journ√©e et fournit √† ceux qui en ont besoin au march√© m√™me o√Ļ ils ont √©t√© recueillis. L’√©v√©nement a agi comme le lancement d’une nouvelle plateforme √† Marseille r√©gionale.

'De Mon Assiète un Notre Planete' est une organisation qui vise à sensibiliser sur le gaspillage alimentaire et d’autres issus nutritionnelles dans les écoles primaires et dans les collèges par l'éducation des enfants sur les problèmes et en présentant des moyens pratiques de réduction.

Disco Soupe Marseille, l’un des nombreux Disco Soupes¬† Francais √©tait pr√©sent, avec un groupe de danse et de musique “Les Batucada ” en plein essor. Des dizaines de b√©n√©voles ont peler, hacher et m√©langer les fruits pour produire une d√©licieuse salade √† base d’ingr√©dients autrement gaspill√©s, qui ont √©t√©s offerts par des supermarch√©s locaux .

Notre √©quipe, avec l‚Äôaide des b√©n√©voles locaux ont concoct√© un repas √† base de nourriture fournie par les centres de distribution r√©gionaux, qui auraient autrement √©t√© jet√©s. Les l√©gumes auraient √©t√© jet√©s parce qu’ils √©taient trop grand, trop petit ou g√©n√©ralement trop “inhabituelle”, tandis que le riz a pass√© sa date d’expiration (mais √©tait toujours parfaitement comestible) et donc incapable d’√™tre vendu. Le r√©sultat fut un d√©licieux curry de l√©gumes √©pic√©, compl√©t√©e par poppadums, qui ont stup√©fi√© le public Marseillais car ils ne sont pas un ph√©nom√®ne tr√®s courant en France.

La pauvret√© et l’ins√©curit√© alimentaire sont extr√™mement r√©pandue √† Marseille, faisant le cas pour la r√©duction des d√©chets alimentaires et la redistribution appropri√©e d’autant plus important dans cette ville. Les ingr√©dients n√©cessaires de personnes motiv√©es avec une volont√© d’agir sont certainement pr√©sents dans cette belle ville, de sorte que le Banquet des 5000 n’√©tait certainement que le d√©but de leur lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire.

Un √©norme remerciement √† tous les merveilleux b√©n√©voles qui ont contribu√© l’animation de l’√©v√©nement, ainsi que toutes les organisations participantes!

7 November

The Pig Idea Feast - Come swine with us!

You are cordially invited to come swine with us in Trafalgar Square…

Over the last 7 months, the Pig Idea team has been rearing eight pigs on London’s Stepney City Farm on a healthy diet of spent brewer’s grains, whey, unsold fruit and veg and okara (a tofu byproduct) - all food which would otherwise have been composted or sent to landfill. The pork produced from the pigs is to be served up for YOU by some of the UK’s best restaurants and chefs.

What’s more, it’s all free! From 12 till 4pm there will be an array of free food and family-friendly activities. So come and join the feast ‚Äď and let them eat waste!

(Don’t eat pork? Don’t despair ‚Äď Wahaca will also be serving up some delicious winter vegetable tacos and their trademark guacamole.)


RSVP via twitter by oinking here.
#PigIdeaFeast @ThePigIdea

The People’s Pig Competition

As part of The Pig Idea Feast, we are getting the public to share their best pork recipe for the chance to win a meal for four at Wahaca and have it cooked live on stage by Thomasina Miers and Sara Cox!

Tweet your recipe name to @PigIdea using #PeoplesPig and click here for more information on how to enter.


Want to lend a helping trotter at the feast? We’d love to have you come get piggy with us, just sign up here and we’ll be in touch with more information.


31 October

Recap of Disco Anti Food Waste Day 2013

We peeled, we chopped, we boogied.

On October 16th (World Food Day) the world celebrated its very first Disco Anti Food Waste Day. It acted as a global event platform for people of all different ages and backgrounds to take a defiant stand against the wasteful habits that pervade the global food system, from farm to fork.


Disco Soups of the world united

Disco soups and other anti-food waste events were hosted in the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Macedonia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and Japan.

In case you missed the party, here is a little recap of some of the Disco Anti Food Waste Day events that took place…

‚ÄúLe Gaspi Salsifi‚ÄĚ

In France, where the Disco Soup movement is spreading like butter on toast, the groundbreaking day (Journée de lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire) saw groups manifest their passion for fighting food waste in Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris and Lille.


In Bordeaux, a vibrant group of Disco Soupers gathered for a mini-protest against the countless lives of fruits and vegetables and other vital nutrients that are lost to the current food waste epidemic with some beautiful hand-made placards.


Disco Soep-ing in the Netherlands!

In the Netherlands, the Youth Food Movement (YFM), DAMn Food Waste and other groups organized ‚ÄėDisco Soeps‚Äô in Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam & The Hague.


YFM Rotterdam broke a world record by cooking continuously for 38 hours, feeding around 800 people, and all with food that would have otherwise been binned!


In Eindhoven and Groningen, hundreds of guests enjoyed some very impressive, delicious meals cooked up using masses of otherwise-wasted ingredients while DJs played funky beats to keep people moving.


Feeding the 5000 in Brussels

Meanwhile in Brussels, we celebrated the launch of our national Feeding the 5000 campaign with a Disco Soup and a screening of Tristram Stuart‚Äôs film, ‚ÄúGlobal Gachis‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúGlobal Waste‚ÄĚ.


All in all, the day was a brilliant opportunity for people to come together and voice their passionate frustration concerning the 21st century issue of food waste. People have power, and when combined with vegetables and disco music, the impact is not to be underestimated. 


24 October

Food Debate: Solutions for a World Without Hunger

Organised by 11.11.11

Worldwide 842 million people are experiencing hunger. This is 1 in 8. Another 1 billion people have no access to good, healthy food. Yet there is enough food production to feed the world 1,5 times. How can this be? What are the causes and what are the solutions?



TRISTRAM STUART (London, UK), author of the book 'Waste: uncovering the global food scandal.' In an hour long lecture, Tristram will talk about food waste, placing this in the global context of our current production- and food system. Tristram Stuart won in 2011 the international environment ¬†‚ÄėSophie Prize’. He is the founder of¬†’Feeding the 5000’, a campaign that started in London and will be organising a Feeding the 5000 event in Brussels in Spring 2014.

Mignane Mamadou DIOUF (Senegal) is working for CONGAD, the umbrella network for NGOs in Senegal. He is also the coordinator of the Social Forum of Senegal. He will talk about the impact of land grabbing, food speculation and biofuels on food security in African countries.

JAN VAN DE POEL, is a policy worker and food expert at 11.11.11. In the coming two years, the 11.11.11-campaign will focus on the issue of food. Central themes include biofuels, land grabbing, food speculation and a sustainable climate agreement.

Moderator: Gie Goris, chief editor MO*
Introduction by BOGDAN VANDEN BERGHE, general director 11.11.11

Practical information

WHERE: KVS, zaal Top - Lakensestraat 146 - 1000 Brussel
WHEN: Thursday 7th November  19.30 - 21.30
REGISTER: via (until 5th November)
MORE INFO: Tel. 02 536 11 17
Simultaneous translation (English to/from Dutch) available
Free entrance

21 October

Tesco’s food waste data publication: More transparency needed to prevent retail food waste across the supply chain

In response to today’s publication of Tesco’s food waste data, Tristram Stuart, founder of the Feeding the 5000 campaign, said:

“Feeding the 5000 is pleased that Tesco have responded to our challenge to publish their third party audited food waste figures, including farm-to-fork metrics, something we have been campaigning on for more than four years. It is a step forward and it should be the starting gun for the rest of the industry to publicly report on and, more importantly, take responsibility for food wasted across their supply chains.

The figures published by Tesco today suggest that annual food waste in its stores is over four times more than the total amount of surplus food donated last year to redistribution charities in Britain[1]. Evidently, retailers like Tesco can do much more to reduce food waste in their own operations.

But we know that most food waste occurs further up the supermarket supply chains as a direct result of retailers’ buying decisions. Through our work in Kenya, we have evidence of instances where Kenyan growers supplying UK supermarkets are forced to waste more than 40% of their crops due to unnecessarily fussy retail cosmetic standards or cancellation of forecast orders.

We need much more transparency and harmonised, granular data on retailers’ supply chain food waste from farm to fork - where food is wasted, what type of food it is and what state it is in. This will allow governments, social entrepreneurs and innovators to put in place the solutions needed to tackle food waste at scale. To this end, Feeding the 5000 is part of the FUSIONS programme, a 4-year EU wide project to reduce food waste across the supply chain. The project aims to establish a common definition and methodology to monitor and report on food waste across the EU. 

Retailers are starting to respond to the public pressure exerted through campaigns like Feeding the 5000 and the public sentiment that food waste on the current scale is neither sustainable nor acceptable. Today‚Äôs announcement is a first step in the right direction but it should be only the beginning.‚ÄĚ

[1] Based on WRAP official data the total amount of surplus food redistributed to charities both by retailers and food manufacturers was 5800tn. Published in ‚ÄėEstimates of waste in the food and drink supply chain‚Äô, October 2013


10 October, 2013

Feeding the 4950 in Edinburgh!

On Saturday 5th of October we hosted our first Scottish Feeding the 5000 event in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, and with 7000 meals served to 4950 hungry bellies filled, the day was a wonderful and delicious success!


All of the otherwise-thrown-away-food was supplied by local allotments, Stirfresh, Kettle Produce, Summer Harvest Oils, Scotherbs and Skea Organics.

Scotland Chef of the Year 2011 Neil Forbes and other top chefs supervised the cooking and 150 committed volunteers did everything from preparing the feast to engaging in meaningful interaction with the public. 


Not only did thousands of people get to stand up in the face of food waste by receiving a delicious free lunch, but the event also sparked important discussions on the food future of Scotland and provided a great platform for the city’s stakeholders to interact and communicate with one another.

Attendees were given the chance to participate in the development of Edible Edinburgh’s Sustainable Food City Strategy. Over 300 comments were received from the public and important steps are being taken towards a healthy, sustainable and locally sourced food future for its residents.

The Food Information Fair, which was set up in conjunction with the Feeding the 5000 event, also allowed 25 community groups to provide Edinburghians with information on the latest food related activities happening locally.


It is amazing to see the Feeding the 5000 celebrations generate public engagement as well as passion and motivation for change, allowing people to actively participate in the creation of a more equitable food future. And all this through the simple concept of refusing to allow good, nutritious food to go to waste!

The public feast was co-organized and made possible by Edible Edinburgh in close partnership with the University of Edinburgh, the City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh University Students’ Association, Soil Association Scotland, Nourish Scotland, and Transition Edinburgh, while financial support was provided by Zero Waste Scotland.


9 October, 2013

Disco Anti Food Waste Day

Disco Soups of the World Unite on World Food Day! 


The global movement against food waste is growing around the world, with Disco Soup events spontaneously popping across Europe, in the US, even Korea! We’ve brought all those happening on World Food Day (16th of October) together to showcase the breathtaking energy of the movement against food waste. 

We Peel Good!

People around the world armed with chopping boards, peelers, pots, pans and disco beats are showing that wasting food is no longer acceptable and that the best thing to do with food that would otherwise have gone to waste is to eat it. 

DAMn Food Waste,¬†Disco Soupe,¬†Feeding the 5000,¬†Slow Food Youth Network¬†andYouth Food Movement Nederland¬†are all organising Disco Soups celebrating the solutions to food waste and highlighting the scandal that over a third of the world‚Äôs food is thrown away. All the food served at the events is based on fresh fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been wasted, sourced from local farms and markets. People come together to peel, cut and prepare the surplus fruits and vegetables… to music! We create soups and salads out of the produce and redistribute them for free.¬†

Yes We Cut!

What’s happening on October 16th: 


Brussels: Feeding the 5000 and Disco Soupe are collaborating on the launch of the Feeding the 5000 Brussels event and campaign. There will be a Disco Soup, followed by a screening of Global Waste (Global Gachis) as part of the Green Up Film Festival and a meeting for individuals and organisations interested in getting involved in planning a Feeding the 5000 Brussels event in Spring 2014: Launch of Feeding the 5000 Brussels campaign 

The Czech Republic

Prague: Oct 14-15, screenings of Food Savers, Valentin Thurn’s new film about the pioneering food savers across Europe. Part of the Alimenterre Film Festival

Lyon Disco Soupe:
Paris Disco Soupe: Disco Soupe:


Berlin: Slow Food Youth Eat In made from surplus food

Luxembourg: SOS Faim launch an action against food waste, where Wam Kat will cook a delicious lunch made from surplus food and serve it to the public at noon next to the main train station.

The Netherlands

Eindhoven Café Discosoup:
Groningen Disco Soep:
The Hague Disco Soep:
Rotterdam Disco Soep World Record Attempt:
Utrecht Pumpkin Paradise:

Pear Gleaning in Kent: On the 12 of October Gleaning Network UK will be organising a pear gleaning day on a farm near Canterbury where volunteers will rescue over two tonnes of pears that would otherwise have been wasted. It will then be donated to food redistribution charities such as FareShare

On the 15th of October there will be a debate in Parliament about using food waste for pig feed as part of the Pig Idea campaign To find out more about the campaign go to

If you know of any events that we have not yet included, please email 


Thank you to Floriane La Roux for designing the beautiful banner!

25 September, 2013

Feeding the 5000 comes to Edinburgh!

Feeding the 5000 Edinburgh

Edible Edinburgh Festival with Feeding the 5000

Noon-4pm Sat 5thOct 2013
Bristo Square and Potterrow

On Saturday 5th October, in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, 5,000 people will be invited to share a delicious free meal created by volunteers, celebrity chefs and community groups from ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown away. The meal will be served between noon and 4pm.  

This will be the very first time that Scotland has hosted a Feeding the 5000 event ( and follows events in cities around the world including London, Sydney, Paris and Amsterdam.

This event is being co-ordinated by Nourish Scotland in close co-operation with several partners including the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association , the City of Edinburgh Council, Zero Waste Scotland and Feeding the 5000

The festival will raise the public’s awareness of the whole food agenda and provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to a big conversation about what sort of food strategy we would like for Edinburgh in the coming years and decades. 

Spread the word: invite your friends on Facebook:

You can find out more about Edible Edinburgh at:


If you would like to volunteer, there are 3 different volunteering opportunities. Please apply through EUSA’s volunteering website to the volunteer role that you would like to take on using the links below.

NOTE: If you are not a student at the University of Edinburgh then you will NOT be able to apply through EUSA volunteering website but look at the different roles listed and instead please e-mail with a short application including your:

  1. Name
  2. Which role you are interested in
  3. Availability for that role
  4. Whether you can attend the training if applicable for that role
  5. E-mail address
  6. Phone number.

3 Volunteer Roles:

Social researcher -

Steward -

Practical volunteer (setting up the event) -

If you need further information about the event, please email

We hope that you will join us on 5th October in Bristo Square for this exciting event!


14 September, 2013

Disco Soup NYC - Yes We Cut!!


Disco Soup NYC - Friday 20 September, 5-9pm, Super Pier (15th Street and Westside Highway)

Feeding the 5000 is proud to host the first Disco Soup event in New York City. You’re invited to a free party to chop, peel and prepare surplus fruit and vegetables to the sound of dance music. All with fresh ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted and salvaged from farms around New York and New Jersey: blemished tomatoes, supersized watermelons, surplus squash and other fresh delicious produce.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the unimaginable levels of food waste globally and catalyse action by promoting the delicious solutions to food waste. 

Date: Friday, September 20, 2013
Time: 5-9pm
Location: Pier 57 (Hudson River at 15th St.)

(Closest subways are 8th Ave. L Train and 14th St A,C, E)


1000lbs salvaged food

One Celebrity Chef

A Handful of DJs

Peelers and Pans

Mix, Eat and Enjoy!

RSVP on facebook and invite all your friends here

Spread the word on twitter #DiscosoupNYC 

Event Partners

UNEP Think.Eat.Save, Food Bank for NYC, Slow Food NYC, New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger, Society of St Andrew, Sustainable America and Natural Gourmet Institute

Volunteers needed!

To volunteer and help spread the anti-foodwaste disco vibes please fill in this form with your details.

10 September, 2013

Feeding the 5000 is coming to Nantes!

Le Banquet des 5000 / Feeding the 5000 Nantes

Wednesday 25th September, 6pm

We are excited to announce the next Feeding the 5000 event which will take place in the city of Nantes on Wednesday 25th of September. This event will be our second collaboration with Disco Soup, preceding the Feeding the 5000 banquet that was held in Amsterdam in June, which was a huge success. 

The event is being held as part of the city’s hosting of the World Summit on Sustainable Cities, ECOCITY 2013. This will be a wonderful follow-up of past events (held in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nairobi…and the list goes on!) and we look forward to hosting a wonderful feast that aims to catalyse the global voice against food waste.

Visit the facebook event page for more information. Please spread the word, and we hope to see you there!


Bonjour à tous!

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer le prochain banquet des 5000 qui aura lieu dans la ville de Nantes le mercredi 25 Septembre. Cet √©v√©nement sera notre deuxi√®me collaboration avec Disco Soupe, pr√©c√©dant le banquet des 5000 qui s’est tenue √† Amsterdam en Juin, et qui fut un √©norme succ√®s.

L’√©v√©nement est organis√© dans le cadre de l’accueil de Nantes du Sommet mondial sur le d√©veloppement durable des villes, ECOCITY 2013. Ce sera une merveilleuse suivie des √©v√©nements pass√©s (tenue √† Londres, Paris, Nairobi, etc …) et nous nous r√©jouissons d’accueillir une f√™te merveilleuse qui vise de monter la parole mondiale contre le gaspillage alimentaire.

Visitez la page event Facebook pour plus d’informations. Joignez vous √† nous et partagez cette invitation avec vos amis! Nous esp√©rons vous rencontrer l√† bas!



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