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A third of all the world’s food is wasted and we all have a role in solving this problem. In the UK surveys suggest that around 80% of customers want businesses to tackle food waste.

Food Waste

By signing up to the Food Waste Pyramid, food businesses can highlight positive initiatives to reduce food waste and promote practical solutions that save resources by avoiding unwanted surpluses, diverting surplus food to charities or livestock feed and avoiding landfill. The Food Waste Pyramid also shows the simple steps that businesses can take to tackle food waste, in order of priority.

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Useful contacts

  • The Insitute of Grocery Distribution (IGD)

    Technical advice, best practice and tools for food and grocery industry supply chain waste management

  • LRS Consultancy

    Provides strategic and practical support to organisations to assist with food waste reduction

  • Sustainable Restaurant Association

    Supporting sustainable restaurants reduce food waste through the Too Good To Waste campaign

  • Unilever Food Solutions

    Supporting businesses reduce food waste with its Waste Reducing Toolkit

  • WRAP

    Provides free, independent support to organisations on food waste reduction and recycling

  • Courtauld commitment

    Voluntary agreement administered by WRAP aimed at reducing food waste in the groceries retail sector

Feed people in need

Useful contacts

  • Esther Community Enterprise

    Giving purpose to surplus through food redistribution

  • Fareshare

    Redistributing surplus food of all types to charities nationwide

  • Foodcycle

    Redistributing food to people in need in local communities

  • Company Shop Ltd

    Commercial organisation offering surplus food at reduced prices through a chain of staff shops

  • Plan Z Heroes

    Map connecting businesses which have surplus food with nearby charities that need it

  • People's Kitchen

    Redistributing surplus food to feed the homeless & vulnerable

  • Real Aid

    Redistribution nationwide of ambient food products close to best before date

  • The Trussell Trust (The Foodbank Network)

    Network and map of local community foodbanks redistributing surplus or donated food

Feed livestock

Useful contacts

  • AB nutrition

    Producer and supplier of food waste animal feeds & pet food

  • SugaRich

    Food animal feed supplier and producer

  • UK Farm Feeds Ltd

    Collection of food waste from supermarkets for animal feed - Yorkshire area, able to advise in London

Composting &
100% renewable energy

Useful contacts

  • Biffa

    Collection and recycling of food waste. Provides bins & free waste audit

  • Biocollectors

    Collection and recycling of food waste for agricultural fertilizer

  • BiogenGreenFinch

    Anaerobic digestion plant. Collection by Cawleys

  • Bywaters

    Collection and recycling of food waste By-cycler scheme. Free waste audit

  • Cawleys

    Collection and recycling of food waste Eco-eating scheme. Free waste audit & recycling performance reports

  • Centrol Recylcing Group Ltd

    Collection and recycling of food waste

  • Countrystyle Group

    Collection & recycling of food waste. Bins provided

  • Greenzone Facilities Management Ltd

    Collection & recycling of food waste

  • London Waste Ltd

    Collection and recycling of food waste

  • Loop

    Collection and recycling of food waste, plus onsite recycling

  • Paper Round

    Collection and recycling of food waste. Free waste audit

  • Prosper De Mulder Ltd (PDM Group)

    Collection and food waste recycling

  • QBS

    Collection and recycling of food waste & alcoholic beverages for bio-fuel

  • Reconomy

    Food waste segregation & recycling

  • Ridan

    Composting machinery supply

  • SAICA Natur UK

    Collection of food waste and recycling

  • Shanks Group

    Food waste recycling and waste auditing. Analytical services. Consultancy. On-site monitoring

  • Simply Waste Solutions

    Collection and recycling of food waste. Bins provided

  • SITA

    Collection and composting of food waste

  • The All Clear Company

    Collection and composting of food waste

  • The Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR)

    Provides a technical enquiry service for its members from the biodegradable resource management industry

  • Tidy Planet

    Sell food waste solutions machinery

  • UK Green Services

    Collection and composting of food waste

  • Veolia Environmental Services

    Collection and recycling of food waste. Free waste audit

  • Vertal

    Collection and composting of food waste

  • Viridor

    Collection and composting of food waste

  • Waste Recycling Group

    Food waste collection & recycling. Bins provided

  • West London Composting

    Composting site / sales



Avoid generating food waste in the first place: plan orders to avoid overproduction; maximise shelf-life through better storage; identify alternative markets to keep food in the human food chain

Feed people in need

Direct quality surplus food to charities and organisations that redistribute food

Feed livestock

Direct food unfit for human consumption to livestock feed: wherever possible, divert legally permissible bakery, fruit, vegetables and dairy products to farm animals

Compost & 100%
renewable energy

Send unavoidable food waste for composting, or to produce fertiliser and 100% renewable fuel for electricity and heat, or transport


Avoid landfill wherever environmentally friendly alternatives are available
Food Waste Pyramid for London designed by Tristram Stuart in collaboration with the Feeding the 5000 steering group: the Mayor’s Waste Strategy team, the London Food Board, Recycle for London, Friends of the Earth, WRAP, FareShare & FoodCycle

Sign the Feeding 5k Pledge

We agree with the principles of the food waste pyramid and will implement it where practicable

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